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Sustainable Tech Inc. has unsurpassed experience in the sustainable industry with over 40 years of continuous experience.

With the ability to develop projects that are complete from start to finish. Our teams have the experience of integrating technologies to a successful conclusion.

Throughout the years we have come to the complete understanding that there are a lot of companies that claim they understand sustainable technologies, but it is rare to find a company that understands all the implications of a decision or a technology.

We implicitly understand all these complications and their ramifications because we have probably seen it before, sustainable technology is only new to those who have not done it before.


Ventilation Technology

Air Ductwork
Complete Ventilation Systems
Demand-Optimized Controls
Preventive Maintenance

Refrigeration Technology

Air Conditioning
Refrigeration Systems
Chiller Units
Adsorption Coolers
VRF Units

Waste Energy Recovery

Waste-Heat Recovery
Waste-Cooling Recovery
Process Waste-Heat
Waste-Water Heat

Sewage Heat Recovery

Energy Supply

Electrical Energy
Thermal Energy
Biomass - Decentralized Energy Supply and Storage
Solar and Wind Energy
Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Geothermal Energy


High-Efficiency Motors
Electrical Drives
Mechanical Drives
Hydraulic Drives

Metering and Monitoring

Data Collection
Data Analysis
Report Generation

Heating Technology

Heat Pumps

Geothermal Heat Pumps
Air Source Heat Pumps
Buffer Tanks
Heating System Integration


Control Systems
Process Technology
Energy Management Software
Building Automation
Building Control Technology

Training and Support

Support for Systems and Hardware
Support for Software 
Training for Sales and Implementation of Energy Conservation Measures
Seminars on Energy Efficient Behaviors
Training for Energy Efficient Design


Sustainable System Consulting
System Design and Specification
Project Modeling
Net Zero 
Project Managemen


Digital Tablet


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