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Top of the Line Stadium Lighting


LED stadium lights are the best solution for sports applications when comparing to metal halide, HPS, and halogen, because of its high energy efficiency. Apart from saving the electricity cost, our lighting for sports fields can enhance the game.

You can select flood lighting fixtures for stadium having power from 100 to 10000 watts (14000 to 1400000 lumens). Our LED sports lights save up to 75% energy and last for 85000 hours. If you are looking for the high-power floodlights for your stadium, please do not hesitate to approach our engineer to get the free lighting design.


Premium Features of our LED Stadium Lights


1. Renewal Optics

With the stricter sports lighting requirements, the quality of our lighting has also increased accordingly. With our 5th generation optic lens, the energy efficiency, effective ground reach lumen, anti-glare and anti-flickering ability have improved by 30%. For the fast-moving sports involving the vigorous movement of players, we believe our new generation lighting is the best fit for all outdoor and indoor competitions.

2. Advanced Thermal Control


Our 3rd Generation all-in-one heat dissipation system is consisted of enlarged LED base plate and dense extended fin. This system reduces the junction temperature by effectively conducting the heat from the source (LED chips) to the circular aluminum heat sink structure. The temperature inside the lamp body and the optic lens are reduced and thus the lights are well-protected. This is the reason why our LED lighting for stadium works for over 85000 hours.

3. Brilliant LED Packaging Technology

Gold Wire-Free Packaging is only found in high-end LED products. We adopted this stunning technology because the LED efficiency and life span can be further increased. Besides, we have upgraded the key material inside packaging for further insurance.

4. Light-weight LED Lights

Lighter luminaires reduce your installation cost and time. Our LED has less weight than others because the lights are designed for stadium use. Our engineers constantly modify the design and make the lamps become more compact. No matter for new installation or old light replacement, our product is easier to install.

5. High-Quality Lights


Our LED stadium floodlight has an excellent color of CRI & TLCI > 96, wide color temperature options from 5000 to 7000K high purity lights, stable DC-output power supply to secure <0.3% flickering rate. All these features make our lighting solution suitable for general sports, professional sports & broadcasting, as well as high-speed camera broadcasting.

6. Environmentally Friendly and Safe Material

Unlike the traditional LED lights, our products are made of 6063 pure aluminum instead of diecast aluminum. Besides, our light adopts Polycarbonate instead of an acrylic optic lens, as well as 304/316 stainless steel screws and stands instead of galvanized iron alloy material. Unlike the metal halide or mercury lamps, our LED does not contain lead, mercury and another toxic chemical, which is safer and practical to use.


We completed many stunning world-class stadium lighting projects

led-stadium-flood-lights (2).jpg

Our high-power LED stadium floodlights are compatible with the professional requirements imposed by FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games, and other Premier League matches. Our self-developed Premium Optics guarantees super-bright & no-shadow illumination (4K broadcasting supported), as well as the exceptional ground reachability of light beam. The anti-glare technology reduces the impact on the players & spectators. We understand the lighting requirement as we completed several Premier League projects with excellent results.

To give you the best solution, we offer free lighting design so as to accurately predict the outcome of the illumination. Our lighting experts are capable of designing different types of stadiums, no matter for recreational or professional. We combine the use of various power and beam angle to achieve the bright and uniform lights across the fields. According to the height and number of light poles, area of your field, as well as the lighting requirements. To enjoy this service, please feel free to contact us