GeoStar Magnolia Plus Series units are the perfect balance between value and performance while maintaining a great price point. They benefit from a lengthy and strong heritage, resulting in a product that’s packed full of over 30 years of research, engineering advancements, and manufacturing experience. All Magnolia Plus Series units are ENERGY STAR® rated and are much more efficient than any traditional system. And because of its history, you’ll rest easy knowing the Magnolia Plus Series will provide you with many years of reliable energy savings and relaxation.


Blower Motor

A 5-speed ECM blower motor allows the unit to provide even comfort, quiet operation, and energy savings.


A durable powder-coat finish is standard for long lasting beauty and protection. The unit is fully insulated with a cleanable, foil backed insulation and helps provide quiet operation.

All-Aluminum Air Coil

An aluminum air coil is featured in Magnolia Plus Series units for durability and extended system life.

Aurora Base Controls

GeoStar’s family of communicating controls, Aurora, is featured to provide simplified troubleshooting and diagnosis.


A two-stage scroll compressor is used providing superb efficiency and reliability. The compressors are mounted on double-isolation plates for reduced operation noise.


All GeoStar units use R-410A - an environmentally friendly, non-ozone-depleting refrigerant that enhances efficiency and savings.

Hot Water Assist

With an optional Hot Water Generator, the Magnolia Plus Series can preheat your water and deliver it to your water heater. In the heating mode, hot water is generated at the efficiency of the unit. In cooling, heat is placed in the hot water tank rather than back into the earth, and hot water is free!

Factory Quality

Our units are upheld to the strictest standards. Only the best components are used and assembled by our skilled technicians. Each unit is computer run-tested to make sure it’s running at peak efficiency.

Drain Pan

Electronic overflow protection eliminates the possibility of condensate flooding. The drain pan is corrosion-proof and resists bacterial growth.


Lengthen the lifetime of your system and compressor with the optional IntelliStart soft starter. This accessory decreases start-up amperage by up to 70% and reduces light flicker.


Each unit comes with:

– Vertical Configuration ***

– Top Discharge ***

– Return Duct on the Left ***

– Hot Water Generation with Factory Installed Pump, IntelliStart ***

– Copper water coil ***

– 1" Filter Rack with 1" MERV 8 Filter ***

– Uncoated Coil  ***

– 2-year parts and labour 5-year refrigeration components warranty included ***

***  Other options available on request

Magnolia Plus Specification 


Geostar Magnolia Plus