2.4 kw Force 5 Series Wind Turbines
This new turbine solves all of the past problems that we have faced. It is SIMPLE, POWERFUL, DEPENDABLE, COST EFFECTIVE, and virtually INDESTRUCTIBLE.
Comes in 3 power sizes – 1.2 KW - 2.4 KW and 3.5 KW
·         All metal laser cut steel parts
·         High speed floating pillow, greased, bearings
·         Light wind startup and faster up to speed power 
·         All metal Savonius wind blades (no more fiberglass)
·         Can withstand hurricane winds when shut down.
·         Two bolts and the top shaft with blades can be lifted off before storms approach
·         Can safely reach over 600 RPMs 
·         Waterproof and air vents
·         Two sets of wind blades available  – light wind and strong wind
This is the best VAWT built especially with your automatic computerized controller and monitoring.  
It is easy to install and comes with a 3 year warranty. No serious maintenance required,
other than, greasing the bearings and tightening bolts.
Video shows light wind startup test.
Photo shows the complete turbine including a 10 ft. base pole in one crate ready to ship.

2.4 kw Force 5 Series Wind Turbines