Construction LED Lighting

To support the day-and-night operation of a site, construction lighting is the paramount facility in addition to industrial machines. The construction site floodlight is applied to a tower crane, landfill compactor, wheel loader to give better lighting for the workers. Occupational safety is a burning topic that employers should focus on. By replacing metal halide, halogen, high-pressure sodium with LED lighting, the safety can be improved as it reduces the risk. We have worked with the manufacturer of temporary LED construction flood lamps for years, and thus thoroughly understand the needs of safety.

Explosion-proof lighting and tower crane mount lights for a construction site. The crane can be acted as a very high ceiling and providing super bright illumination for the site. For the height of above 50 meters, we need around 2000W LED floodlight. It is suitable for outdoor purposes because it has high luminous of 130lm/W, as well as a high-quality lens that supplies uniform lighting. Another common feature of the job site flood lamp is the remarkable life span of 85000 hours


Construction light for security and safety

One important need for any business to quickly attain established management goals is to have nicely illuminated buildings and roads. This condition is very dependent on a number of factors like geographical location, management goals, and your working plan along with other on-site considerations. To have better time management, construction lighting can optimize the time at night. By having a high-quality construction floodlighting system on a crane or machine, the efficiency of the job site can be enhanced. Additionally, it secures and raises the value of the property by having well designed and well-built paths, as motion over such paths is significantly more cost-efficient and yet does not undermine the safety of other resources.

The fundamental use of LED construction lighting is not limited to safety functions, they’re also used for different services such as fire protection, and security in addition to other site activities which require illumination. The LED high-temperature lights are heat resistant, and they continue to work while in a fire. Its reinforced structure even tolerates minor explosions. This is a great characteristic of LED lamps, which is not easily observed in the metal halide or halogen bulbs.


Security lighting for construction sites

Security is another issue. The motion-sensing LED flood light for construction site gives a better visualization of trespassers. Providing effective care of these routes help avoid any adverse effects on resources from being stolen.  

In general, our LED construction lights have a specific engineering design, its structure is made of durable diecast aluminum alloy. For the construction companies desiring investment growth, cautious planning,  proper consideration of illumination should be made. By having holistic photometric planning, the total cost on LED construction floodlight can be minimized.